Field Trip to the Izu Collision Zone

Post-symposium Field Excursion (October 8-9) : Geology and Active Tectonics of the Izu Collision Zone
The Izu-Bonin arc on the Philippine sea plate is now colliding against the Honshu arc on the Eurasian plate, forming the Izu Collision Zone 80 km west of Tokyo. We can observe the fore-arc basin fill sequence uplifted by the collision at Miura peninsula and strongly deformed trench-basin-fill in Ashigara area. A bus tour to the middle of Mt. Fuji will also be included.

Costs for the 2-day Field trip (including meals, 1-night accommodation) 42,000 JPY (approx. 300 €)
(limited to 50 participants)


Overview of the Izu collision zone

ILP Sedimentary Basin 2015 Tokyo

Miura Peninsula and Mt. Fuji to the west

ILP Sedimentary Basin 2015 Tokyo

Mt. Fuji looking from Jukkoku Pass, Izu Peninsula, taken in January, 2013


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