Name: OKUBO Shuhei,
Division/Center: Division of Monitoring and Computational Geoscience
Research Area: Geodesy, Quasi-static deformation of the earth

Last Update 05/17 2014


Okubo has been involved in the development and application of gravimetric methods for studying earthquake processes of earthquakes and volcanic eruption. He has presented comprehensive formulae on co-seismic gravity changes in various media including the simplest homogeneous elastic half-space and the most sophisticated stratified spherical viscoelastic earth with Wenke SUN, Y. Tanaka and others. Through these theoretical works, the Guy Bomford Prize was awarded to him in 1991 by the International Association of Geodesy (IAG). He stepped further from the theoretical work to field measurement using a state-of-the-art FG5 absolute gravimeters. It was his group that found unambiguous coseismic gravity change for the first time in the world (Tanaka et al., 2001) and very minute far-field gravity signal (Imanishi et al. 2004). Okubo\'s group showed a large-scale lateral movement of magma during the Miyake-jima eruption in 2000 through detailed analysis of absolute gravity change in time and space on the volcano (Furuya et al., 2003). They are awarded with \"Excelent Paper Award\" by the Volcanological Society of Japan, in 2004. Okubo has started integrating gravity and muon radiography studies since 2010 when he was appointed as a Head of the CHEER (Center for High Energy gEophysics Research).One of the most recent result can be found in 3-D density imaging of a lava dome (Nishiyama et al., 2013).


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