Name: Takeo, Minoru
Division/Center: Volcano Research Center
Research Area: Seismology, Volcano Physics

Last Update 05/21 2014


Our main research interest is understanding of physical processes of tectonic and volcanic earthquakes, and of volcanic eruption, mainly based on analyses of seismographs.ĦĦIn order to understand the physical process of earthquakes systematically, we need to examine the complexity of rupture processes and its general characteristics. Intending this research, we extend the dislocation model of earthquake to cover phenomena including more general deformations, and derive a general expression for the rotational motion of seismic waves. This study makes it clear that we can estimate the spatial variation of slip velocity even in the source area of small earthquakes. To understand the nature of volcanic eruptions, we studied the volcanic earthquakes and tremors associated with volcanic activity. We often observed volcanic earthquakes and tremors whose waveforms had non-linear characteristics, being considered to have relations with volcanic fluids. We are also developing a new approach to reveal non-linear dynamics of volcanic earthquakes and tremors based on observational seismic and geodetic data.


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