[USDP-4 drilling: daily report] after May 18, 2004
[USDP-4 drilling: daily report] Sept-Nov., 2003
[USDP-4 drilling: daily report] before April 10, 2003
Oct. 28, 2003
Drilling Chart and Well Trajectory on this day
Oct. 25, 2003
_ Mud screen (shaker)for cutting sampling (left) and dense mud for sweeping cuttings in the hole (right). Taken on Oct. 25, 2003.
_ Top-drive system (TDS) installed in the rig (left) and engine and control houses near pipe deck (right), Taken on Oct. 25, 2003.
_ Monitoring view of EM-MWD (left) and antenna of EM (electormagnetic-transmiting mesurement-while-drilling). Taken on Oct. 25, 2003.
Operaton panels of TDS (top) and MWD (middle) on rig deck. Taken on Oct. 25, 2003.
Oct. 16, 2003
Puppy came to stay at our office a little while.
Oct. 9, 2003
Assembly of Governors (AOG) of ICDP was held in Nagasaki (Japan) on October 10. Unzen conduit drilling site and volcano museum were visited by the attendees on October 9.
Sept. 24, 2003
Drilling chart on September 23, 2003
_First logging in USDP-4 hole (167-465m) began in the 24 September morning
_Logging data (FMI views on right) around 450 m depth (Sept. 24, 2004)
_FMI after operation (Sept. 24, 2003)
Sept. 22, 2003
_DHM drilling on September 22, 2003
_Very clear day on USDP4 drilling site, Sept. 22, 2003
Sept. 17, 2003
Side-tracking by new DHM to get the scheduled inclination.
_Rig site seen from Mt. Unzen (August 15, 2003).
Sept. 14, 2003
Bit was put on down-hole moter (13 September)
Bent sub with inclination of 2.25 was set above the down hole moter (13 September)
Dr. Andreas Tretner of GFZ is ready for chemical monitoring of drilling mud. With a box lunch on 13 September
Sept. 13, 2003
A big typhoon (no.14) moved northward in the East China Sea close to Kyushu Island last night. Drilling operation was suspended throughout the night due to strong wind and heavy rain.
Sept. 12, 2003
This day drilling was started with the operation by JV (Teiseki Drilling Co. Ltd. and Geothermal Engineering Co. Ltd) (11 September).
Twelve and 1/4 inch bit is set below stabilizer (below) (12 September).
Stabilizer (17-1/4 inch) was carefully set on the deck. (12 September)
It is the first time that sightseeing bus arrived at the USDP-4 site. Editors of science news in 10 major Japanese newspaper companies were invited, who came with this bus.(12 September)

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