The 940th DANWAKAI(program)

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                                       Earthquake Research Institute

                                             The University of Tokyo


                                                   Kazushige Obara



              Announcement of the 940th DANWAKAI



(Danwakai: ERI Holds ”Danwakai”, a monthly meeting where its members

present their most recent academic and technical achievements, on a

Friday of every month. Danwakai is open to the public.)


Date:Friday,17 July 13:30-

Place:ERI Bldg.2, 5th floor, Conference room1




The relationship between ionospheric disturbances detected by HFD and

ground perturbations associated with earthquakes

* Kazuto Takaboshi・Hiroyuki Nakata・Toshiaki Takano (Chiba University),

Ichiro Tomizawa (The University of Electro-Communications), Hiromichi Nagao


We'll present the coseismic ionospheric perturbations observed by HF

Doppler dependent on those of the ground and the atmosphere.



Excitation mechanisms of seismic hum

* Kiwamu Nishida



The investigation of the inner density structure around the vent of

Stromboli (Italy) by cosmic-ray muons

* Seigo Miyamoto・R.Nishiyama,  L. Consiglio・V.Tioukov(Univ. Napoli,Italy),C.Sirignano(Univ.Padova,Italy),N.D'Ambrosio(LNGS, Italy ),Bozz(Univ. Salerno, Italy),C. De Sio・S. M. Stellacci(Univ. Salerno, Italy)