The 935th DANWAKAI(program)

All members concerned

                                                   Earthquake Research Institute

                                                           The University of Tokyo


                                                              Takehiro  Koyaguchi


                Announcement of the 935th DANWAKAI


(Danwakai: ERI Holds "Danwakai", a monthly meeting where its members

present their most recent academic and technical achievements, on a

Friday of every month. Danwakai is open to the public.)


Date:Friday,20  February 13:30-

Place:ERI Bldg.2, 5th floor, Conference room1





A very long-term slow event preceding the 2011 Tohoku earthquake

Yusuke YOKOTA (Japan Coast Guard), *Kazuki KOKETSU




2014 Bungo channel slow slip event inferred from deep low frequency tremor

*Kazushige OBARA, Ryota TAKAGI,and Takuto MAEDA


We discuss slow earthquake activity in Bungo channel in 2014 infered

from deep low frequency tremor




2014 Bungo channel slow slip event and a slow slip event within a gap between

tremor and coupled regions inferred from GNSS data

*Ryota TAKAGI, Kazushige OBARA and Takuto MAEDA




Interplate coupling in the Hyuga-nada, southwest Japan, based on the land

and ocean-bottom seismological observation.

*Kazushige OBARA, Ryota TAKAGI,and Takuto MAEDA




Seismic quiescence and b-value changes before large earthquakes in

a forest-fire model (2)

*Tetsuya MITSUDO, Takahiro HATANO, Naoyuki KATO




Microrheology of silica suspension : transitional process between

shear-banding and fluidization

*Aika Kurokawa, Vale rie Vidal (ENS de Lyon), Thibaut Divoux (CRPP),

Kei Kurita, Sebastien Manneville (ENS de Lyon)




Present status and problems of reflection FT-IR analysis on measuring

water contents of volcanic glasses

*Atsushi YASUDA




Completion of long-term seafloor observation of the Normal Oceanic Mantle Project

*Hisashi Utada, Hitoshi Kawakatsu, Hajime Shiobara, Kiyoshi Baba, Takehi Isse,

Daisuke Suetsugu (JAMSTEC), and KR14-10 Cruise on-board Scientists