The 974th DANWAKAI(program)

Announcement of the 974th DANWAKAI

(Danwakai: ERI Holds “Danwakai”, a monthly meeting where its members present
their most recent academic and technical achievements, on a
Friday of every month. Danwakai is open to the public.)

Date: Friday, 21 September 13:30-
Place: ERI Bldg.2, 5th floor, Conference room1

1. 13:30-13:45
TITLE: Cosmic ray tomography of celestial bodies
AUTHOR: * Akimichi TAKETA and Debanjan BOSE (Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur)
SUMMARY: We present a novel method to measure the chemical composition
of the surface of the celestial bodies using cosmic rays.

2. 13:45-14:00
TITLE: A large scale economic simulator for comprehensive evaluations
of disaster recovery plans
AUTHOR: * Lalith MADDEGEDARA・Amit GILL, Sebastian POLEDNA (IIASA, Austria),
Muneo HORI and Tsuyoshi ICHIMURA
SUMMARY: We present an HPC enhanced agent based economic model,
which can be tightly coupled with high fidelity physics based
earthquake disaster simulators, for comprehensive evaluation
of recovery plans considering long term economic performance of a whole nation.

3. 14:00-14:15
TITLE: Elasto-plastic soil amplification analysis with fast and
scalable three-dimensional finite-element solver
AUTHOR: * Kohei FUJITA・Atsushi YOSHIYUKI (Central Japan Railway Company),
SUMMARY: We implemented elasto-plastic constitutive models into a fast
and scalable three-dimensional finite-element solver, and applied it
to soil amplification analysis.