Visiting researchers

Visiting Researchers

Sang-Mook LEE
Seoul National University
Associate Professor
Period of Stay
2019/01/07 – 2019/03/24 
Research Theme
Collaboration on Pacific Array and advanced deep sea geophysical instrumentations
Host Researcher
Hisashi UTADA


My name is Sang-Mook Lee, a marine geophysicist at Seoul National University. I am very happy to be here at Earthquake Research Institute of The University of Tokyo. My interest is in a global system of oceanic plate boundaries and in recent years I have taken part in Pacific Array, a global experiment to image the upper mantle part of the Pacific. By the way, I'm also a handicapped person, quadriplegic (completely paralyzed neck down) as a result of van rollover accident 12 years ago, and it is only by your kind special considerations that I am able to conduct my research at ERI.

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