Visiting researchers

Visiting Researchers

Maurizio Ripepe
Dr. Ripepe
Firenze University
Research Professor
Period of Stay
2009/05/18 - 2009/06/14
Research Theme
Study on physical process of the infrasound excitation at active volcanoes
Host Researcher
Self Introduction

I am Research Professor at the Department of Earth Sciences of University of Florence in Italy. Since 1987 I have mainly working on Stromboli volcano where I am running a permanent Geophysical Laboratory. My main research interest is the explosive dynamics of active volcanoes by integrating information from broadband seismic sensors, borehole tiltmeters, thermal cameras and infrasonioc sensors. At ERI I am working with the Volcano Research center to install an infrasonic array on Asma volcano. We hope that the array will provide acoustic data which could help us to disclose features of the degassing process and dynamics of the explosive vulcanian activity.

Research Report
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