Name: Furumura, Takashi
Division/Center: Center for Prediction Research of tsunami
Research Area: Seismology

Last Update 11/06 2014


The seismic wavefield is significantly affected by 3D variations in crustal structure both in the source zone itself and in propagation to some distance, and such effects can be modeled by large-scale numerical 3D simulation of seismic wavepropagation by using powerful computers. We are developing a hybrid parallel simulation code with pseudospectral representation for horizontal coordinates and finite-difference in depth. This arrangement improves parallel efficiency with high speed-up rate using large number of processors on a parallel computer. Using this, numerical modeling of strong ground motion with a realistic 3D structural model has been conducted to represent the wave propagation from destructive earthquakes such as the 1995 Kobe earthquake and 1999 Chi-Chi, Taiwan earthquake. In order to understand the process of strong ground motion generation during the damaging earthquakes, we are also keen on the visualization of seismic wave field.


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