Name: Harada, Tomoya
Position:Research Fellow
Division/Center: Earthquake Information Center
Research Area:

Last Update 12/22 2010



Harada, T. and K. Ishibashi, Two parallel trench-normal fault planes within the Pacific slab associated with the 1994 and 2000 Kurile earthquakes as revealed by simultaneous relocation of their main shocks and aftershocks, Earth Planets Space, 59, 12, 25--E28, 2007.

Harada, T. and K. Ishibashi, Interpretation of the 1993, 2001, and 2002 Guam earthquakes as intraslab events by a simultaneous relocation of the mainshocks, aftershocks, and background earthquakes, Bull. Seism. Soc. Am., 98, 3, 1581--1587, 2008.

原田智也・石橋克彦, 1995 年4 月18 日駿河湾北部の地震(M4.9)について -プレート間地震か海洋プレート内地震か?-, 地震2, 61, 27--32, 2008.

原田智也・石橋克彦, 大分県龍神池の堆積物に記録された「巨大南海地震」の津波シミュレーションによる検討, 地震2, 63, 2, 71--81, 2010.

原田智也・石橋克彦, 2007年新潟県中越沖地震の余震域から北方に延びる顕著な帯状地震活動, 月刊地球, 32, 6, 390--399, 2010.

Harada, T., K. Satake, and K. Ishibashi, A New View on the Space-Time Pattern of Great or Large Earthquakes along the Northern Japan to Southern Kurile Trenches, AGU Fall meeting, San Francisco, 13–17 December, , 2010.