Name: KAWAKATSU, Hitoshi
Division/Center: Ocean Hemisphere Research Center
Research Area: Seismology

Last Update 07/25 2019


I am interested in elucidating processes occurring inside the Earth using seismological methods. My recent major research topics include: (1) Seismological study of the Earth\\\'s deep interior: Seismology is the only tool that allows us to directly observe processes in the Earth. (2) Frontier observation: To tackle important problems, we attempt to make observations at the best place on earth regardless of the location: sometimes in inner Mogolia in NE China, or in the deep ocean in NW Pacific. (3) Realtime monitoring of the earthquake activity field: We have developed a new method to monitor Earth’s activity (earthquakes, volcanic activities, etc.) by continuously monitoring long-period seismic wavefield. (4) Blue Earth Seismology: This is a symbolic name of a new field in seismology that deals not only with the solid part of the Earth but also with the fluid part (ocean and atmosphere). Waves and disturbances in the fluid part of the Earth can excite seismic waves in the solid part (and vice versa) that we observe with seismometers (or barometers). Such “noises” are now used to monitor the physical condition of the earth’s crust and other parts. (5) Volcano seismology:


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