Name: KAME, Nobuki
Position:Associate Professor
Division/Center: Division of Theoretical Geoscience
Research Area: Earthquake Rupture Modeling

Last Update 01/08 2015


Earthquake source physics; Rupture propagation in heterogeneous media; finite element methodology; Theoretical modeling of slip-weakening and time-healing friction law; Slip-rupture propagation with dynamically self-chosen faulting path; elastodynamic boundary integral equation methodology; fault interaction with potential bend paths.


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Nobuki Kame, Kohei Nagata, Masao Nakatani and Tetsuya Kusakabe, Feasibility of acoustic monitoring of strengthdrop precursory to earthquake occurrence, Earth Planets Space, 66:41, doi:10.1186/1880-5981-66-41, , 2014.

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