Name: Nakada, Setsuya
Division/Center: Volcano Research Center
Research Area: Volcano geology and petrology

Last Update 11/06 2014


My research field is geology and petrology for forecasting volcanic eruptions. During the recent eruptions at Unzen, Usu, Miyake-jima, Asama, Shinmoe-dake (Kirishima), Anatahan (Northern Marianas) and so on, geological observation and petrological investigation were carried out to clarify the magnitudes and modes of eruptions and to understand the magma processes and eruption mechanisms. In the latter purposes, I led the international drilling project of penetrating into the conduits at Unzen (1999-2004), soon after its eruption, for understanding the structure of the conduit area and degassing process. As the research of forecasting the magnitudes, modes, and temporal development of eruptions, we are preparing the eruption event-trees with branches of probabilities for volcanoes with high eruption-potential, based on their geological and documented eruption histories and monitoring data. Recently, the international cooperative research is carried out on erupting volcanoes in Indonesia (Kelud, Sinabung, etc.) for improving techniques of forecasting eruptions. In addition to these research activities, I promote the geopark activity to educate young people on geological sciences, to help sustainable development of local communities, and to mitigate natural hazards.


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