Name: NAKAI, Shun'ichi
Position:Associate Professor
Division/Center: Division of Global Dynamics
Research Area: geochemistry

Last Update 04/06 2007


Samples of volcanic rock give us information on geochemical evolution of the Earth and clues to elucidate material transfer within the Earth. My group is working on developing analytical methods for trace elements and isotope tracers to read the records kept in the samples. Current main research targets are Li and Be isotope tracers to investigate material transfer in subduction zones and W isotope tracer to investigate core-mantle interactions.


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Nishio, Y., Nakai, S., Ishii, T., Sano, Y., Isotope systematics of Li, Sr, Nd, and volatiles in Indian Ocean MORBs of the Rodrigues Triple Junction: constraints on the origin of the DUPAL anomaly., Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 71, 745--759, 2007.