Name: YASUDA Atsushi,
Position:Associate Professor
Division/Center: Division of Earth and Planetary Materials Science
Research Area: Experimental Magmatology

Last Update 05/19 2016


I am interested in the evolution of magma plumbing system beneath volcanoes. The questions I am attempting to answer are: What depth do magmas stagnate beneath volcanoes? How do their chemical compositions change during the life-time of volcanoes? I think the concentration of volatiles, especially water, in magma is most influential factor to control the evolution of magma plumbing system. And thus I have engaged in the measurement of water in magma by means of analyses on melt-inclusions in these years. With regards to this issue, I have developed a new method to measure water concentration on small volcanic glass by FTIR reflectance micro spectroscopy. I am also interested in the field of computer-aided geoscience. The world wide web (WWW) is a powerful user-interface for handling a variety of geological and geophysical data. As a co-operative study with VRC, we have launched several web sites to help to recognize volcanic activity as quickly as possible (e.g.,;, and I have written many scripts to maintain the sites.


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