Bandaisan, NE Japan

(1819 m, 37o35'53"N, 140o04'32"E)



JMA issued Volcano Advisory Report #1 on Bandai Volcano in the afternoon of 16 August. At Bandaisan Volcano, seismic activity has elevated since August 14, and the daily number was over 400 on August 15, being accompanied by felt earthquake and volcanic tremor events. This is the highest record since JMA started seismic monitoring in this volcano in 1965. There may be a possibility of small eruption near future.

The largest earthquake event, M2.9, took place at 23:04 (JST), 15 August, and 4 earthquakes with the magnitude over 2 occurred on 14 August (2 of them were felt quakes).

Observed volcanic tremor events were one time with duration of 31 seconds on 14 August, two times (40 and 55 seconds) on 15 August.

The daily number of earthquakes at A site of JMA, located 1.8 km SSE of the volcano summit was as follows.

14 August

179 times

15 August

416 times

16 August

41 times as of 2 p.m.

There are no large changes by both GPS and monitor camera.



Stratovolcano of andesite, consiting of akahaniyama, kushigamine, O-bandai, and Ko-bandai cones. In 1888, a large-scale sector-collapse occurred, leaving a large horseshoe-shaped caldera in the northern slope of the summit with many small hills and lakes in the northern foot. Amount of debris avalache deposits reaches 1.5 cubic kilometers. Totally 461 people were killed in this event.

Information Contact: Volcano Research Center,; Maki Kazuo, JMA-Sendai,

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