(657 m, 30o26'23"N, 130o13'10"E)

Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) issued the Volcanic Advisory #1 for Kuchinoerabujima Volcano on 26 August 1999. The seismic activity has elevated since July 1999. The monthly number of earthquakes is 26 in June, 87 in July, 195 in August, and 31 as of 12 September, based on the data from Sakurajima Volcano Observatory, Kyoto University. The previous Volcanic Advisory for this volcano was issued in March 1996. By the middle September, the local people, JMA and SVO had not observed any anomalous change in fumaroles in craters of Shindake (the youngest volcanic cone).

Kuchinoerabujima is a volcanic island of 12 km long (WNW-ESE) and 5 km wide, about 100 km SWS of Sakurajima Volcano; andesite stratovolcano consisting of young edifice (Furudake and Sindake cones) in SE and older edifice in NW. Historic eruptions are phreatic ones at Shindake. In the eruption on 24 December 1933, a village NE of Shindake was completely destroyed, 8 persons died and 26 were injured. In the latest eruption, 1980, multiple explosion craters appeared along the NS-fissure of 800 m long in the eastern slope of Shindake. Presently approximately 160 people are living in this island. Sakurajima Volcano Observatory of Kyoto University and JMA monitor the volcanic activity of this island.

Information contact: JMA, Volcano Research Center, ERI, U-Tokyo

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