Seismic experiment at Izu-Oshima Volcano

(27 Oct. - 5 Nov. 1999)

The 6th seismic experiment of national research project for volcano eruptions was done successfully at Izu-Oshima Volcano during 27 October - 5 November 1999. The purpose of the experiment is to clarify the subsurface structure of the volcano including the location of magma reservoir, and to understand the magma feeding system and its temporal change. Survey lines and 2-dimensional arrays cover about 160 and 60 seimometers, respectively.

(Figure) Map of Izu-Oshima and the surrounding sea bottom.

Star=shots of dynamite explosion. Dots in the sea=OBS sites

More than fifty scientists from national universities and Japan Meteorological Agency joined the experiment. This time, dynamite and air-gun shots and observation by OBS's in the sea were also included; jointly with the national university group of earthquake predition researches in the sea-area.

Photos of geological excursion on 1 Nov, 1999

Group photo of the excursion attendees, in front of Habu explosion crater.

In front of the Daisetsudanmen outcrop.

Prof. H. Watanabe (ERI, U-Tokyo) explaning the history of Oshima Volcano Observatory (OVO).

Audience listening to the explanation by Prof. Watanabe in OVO.

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