USDP-MEXT (1999-2005) jointly with ICDP
Unzen Volcano
International Cooperative Research with Scientific Drilling for Understanding Eruption Mechanisms and Magmatic Activity
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WHAT'S NEW, drilling chart-trajectory and photos. July 10, 2004
Drilling operation was over

Night view of USDP-4 rig, Nov. '03

Rig site seen from lava dome (summit), Aug. '03
Rig and water pool. Back is lava dome, Sept. '03
Daily report of conduit drilling operation July 10, 2004

Details of conduit drilling, USDP-4 (2002-2005)
Proposals submitted to ICDP in 2000 and 2001
Results of the first phase (1999-2001)--in Japanese
Oultines, history, and system of USDP
Core archives (USDP-1, -2 and -3)
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Three-dimensional image of conduit drilling. Shown inside the volcano are the drilling trajectory of conduit drilling (USDP-4) and plate-shaped conduit (dike) together with earthquake hypocenters, water table and explosion source.

Photograph showing four USDP drilling sites on the eastern side of Unzen volcano. In July 2002, road construction to the drilling site to the conduit (USDP-4) started in the northern slope of Mt. Fugen (peak of Unzen).

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