May 27, 2008

Fukashi Maeno and Yuki Suzuki receive
the Research Encouraging Award from the Volcanological Society of Japan

Fukashi Maeno, an assistant professor at the Volcano Research Center, and Yuki Suzuki, a researcher at ERI, received the 2008 Research Encouraging Award from the Volcanological Society of Japan for their outstanding achievements in geological research. The awarded research projects were gDynamics of felsic magma eruption at Kikai Caldera in South Kyusyuh (Fukashi Maeno), and gMaterials science research of magma dynamics during eruptionsh (Yuki Suzuki).

The commendation ceremony took place at the Volcanological Society of Japan Conference, which was held during the 2008 Japan Geoscience Union Meeting at the Makuhari Messe International Conference Hall in Nagoya, on May 27. Three, including Fukashi Maeno and Yuki Suzuki, were awarded, and they received the award from Professor Toshitsugu Fujii, President of the Volcanological Society of Japan, and professor at ERI.

A picture that was taken at the commendation ceremony (above).

The second from the left; Emeritus Professor at Tokyo University, Shigeo Aramaki, who received the Volcanological Society Award.
The third from the left; President of Volcanological Society, Toshitsugu Fujii
The 4th; Assistant Professor Fukashi Maeno
The 5th; Researcher Yuki Suzuki

The reason for award

Assistant Professor Fukashi Maeno: gDynamics of felsic magma eruption at Kikai Caldera in the South Kyusyuh

He studied the Kikai caldera-forming eruption that happened some 7,300 years ago. He successfully quantified the time scale of the eruption, the process of pyroclastic flow into the sea, and the process of caldera collapse. He used two methods. One of those methods involved detailed and quantitative field geological investigations of volcanic deposits. The second method was a numerical analysis of tsunami generations and the propagation process. The numerical analysis was based on the data collected from the field investigation.

This combined research of geological field investigations and numerical analysis will be a stepping stone to further understanding volcanic eruption dynamics.

Researcher Yuki Suzuki: gMaterials science research on magma dynamics during eruptionsh

She extracted the history of the magma-ascending process of each eruption by closely studying the structure of crystals and bubbles, the chemical composition of crystal and glass, and the amount of volatile content. She also discussed the process of magma in earthfs deep interior, which precedes volcanic eruptions.
Furthermore, she studied the process of magmafs ascent by combining the knowledge from materials science and results from geophysical observations. She also tried to improve the analysis accuracy of time and decompression rate, and experimented by reconstructing the lava composition based on constraint conditions (e.g. multiple crystals and their composition). She is expected for further advancement in this field.

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