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Eric Dunham
Stanford University
Associate Professor
Period of Stay
2019/02/25 – 2019/03/01 
Research Theme
Numerical simulations of earthquakes and other natural hazards
Host Researcher
Takahiro HATANO


My research focuses on the physics of natural hazards: earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes. Most of my work is theoretical and/or computational in nature. Active areas of research in earthquake rupture dynamics include 1.) the role of fault geometric complexity (e.g., fault roughness) on rupture propagation, strong ground motion, resistance to slip, and stress around faults; 2.) interactions between the frictional faulting in the seismogenic zone and deeper viscoelastic deformation in fault roots, including the role of shear heating and thermomechanical feedbacks; fluid migration and pore pressure evolution in fault zones, and coupling to seismic and aseismic fault slip; and 4.) rupture dynamics of megathrust events. We have extended dynamic rupture models of earthquakes in the solid Earth to the ocean, studying ocean acoustic waves and tsunami generation by offshore earthquakes. A related project utilizes the ensemble Kalman filter method for tsunami wavefield reconstruction and early warning using data from offshore pressure sensors. My interest in volcanoes is focused on volcano seismology by development of models that couple waves and oscillations of magma in conduits and cracks to elastic deformation and seismic wave radiation into the solid Earth. While at ERI, I plan to interact with several groups working on these hazards.

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