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Darren McClurg GRAVLEY
Dr. konstantinou
University of Canterbury
Senior Lecturer
New Zealand
Period of Stay
2017/6/27 - 2017/7/13
Research Theme
Crustal instability and magma storage architecture during an intense ignimbrite flare-up: Comparative study between Japan and New Zealand
Host Researcher
Fukashi MAENO
Self Introduction

Darren is a physical volcanologist at the University of Canterbury specialising in silicic caldera volcanism and magmatism, volcano-tectonics, and volcanic geomorphology. His research tracks the eruptible stages of mid to shallow crustal magmatism through to eruption and emplacement of pyroclastic deposits associated with large to supervolcanic eruptions. Study areas include modern and ancient volcanism in New Zealand, Japan, Brazil, Italy, and the United States. In recent years, Darren’s research has extended into characterising magmatic-geothermal systems as the Principal Investigator of the Mercury Energy funded ‘Source to Surface Geothermal Research Programme’ at the University of Canterbury. This research programme has graduated 15 MSc and PhD students in the last 5 years with topics including petrogenetic characterisation of the magma heat source, volatile and heat transfer, fracture/fault permeability, and soil-gas exploration.

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