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Weijia KUANG
Dr. kuang
Geodesy and Geophysics Laboratory, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Period of Stay
2017/10/6 - 2017/12/2
Research Theme
Geodynamo modeling and geomagnetic data assimilation
Host Researcher
Hisayoshi SHIMIZU
Self Introduction

I am a senior scientist in the Geodesy and Geophysics Laboratory, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. My primary research areas include the simulation of convective flow in the Earth’s and planetary fluid cores, aiming at geodynamo and planetary dynamos (the origins of geomagnetic and planetary magnetic fields), core-mantle interactions and their contributions to the Earth’s orientation parameter variations, long-term geomagnetic variation (secular variation, or SV) modeling and prediction. I initiated geomagnetic data assimilation research 17 years ago, and developed the first working geomagnetic data assimilation system based on the geodynamo model that I have developed for two decades. I also started geomagnetic secular variation (SV) prediction and provided the first data-assimilation based forecasts for International Geomagnetic Reference Field (IGRF). My current research projects in NASA include understanding and forecasting rapid geomagnetic SV via data assimilation, core-mantle interactions and decadal variations of Earth’s rotation and polar motion, and magnetic field on geological time scales for long-term magnetospheric circulation and exo-planetary habitability.

During my visit in ERI, I will collaborate with my ERI host to install, test and validate a complete geomagnetic data assimilation system derived from MoSST_DAS (the geomagnetic data assimilation system developed in NASA GSFC). This system will be used for ERI’s research effort in geomagnetic data assimilation, and for future collaborations between ERI and NASA GSFC on geomagnetic field and geodynamo modeling development and applications.

This is my first official visit to ERI, though I have known several colleagues here for many years. I will certainly enjoy this visit and know more colleagues. And I hope that my visit will establish a solid foundation for future collaborations.

Research Report
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