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Visiting Researchers

Dr.  kuvshinov
Institute of Geophysics, ETH Zurich
Period of Stay
2018/03/02 - 2018/03/31
Research Theme
Detecting lateral variations of upper mantle electrical conductivity using magnetic and electric data from Japanese geomagnetic observations
Host Researcher
Hisashi UTADA
Self Introduction

I am currently Professor in the Institute of Geophysics, ETH Zurich, where I lead electromagnetic (EM) induction group. I educated in Russia (Moscow State University) and completed my PhD in 1987 in Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation (IZMIRAN).  Since then I have served a variety of roles in IZMIRAN, Copenhagen University, and ETH. My research mainly focuses on developing approaches and tools to simulate, analyze and invert multi-scale, multi-source, multi-dimensional and multi-level electromagnetic (EM) data, with special emphasis on magnetotelluric (MT) and global EM induction data. This, in particular, led me to work with the magnetic field data from a number of low-Earth-orbit satellite missions, most notably from the European Space Agency three-satellite mission Swarm (2013 – present), the Swiss contribution of which I lead. My most recent research include large-scale MT study of Hangai Mountains in Western Mongolia, probing the lithosphere and upper mantle with the satellite-detected tidal magnetic signals, and 3-D modelling of EM field evolution during abnormal geomagnetic disturbances, in context of Space Weather hazards.

My visit to ERI, to collaborate with Professor Hisashi Utada, is related to my research activity in the field of deep EM induction studies of the Earth using ground-based (observatory) EM data. I would be delighted to get you interested in the researches I am conducting.

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