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Dr. saha
University of Montpellier
Directeur de Recherche C.N.R.S. (DR1)
Period of Stay
2017/4/5 - 2017/5/1
Research Theme
Grain boundary plane analysis using electron back scatter diffraction (EBSD) system
Host Researcher
Takehiko Hiraga
Self Introduction

Research themes cover mechanical and physical properties of the Earth’s crust and mantle, with emphasis on the link between plastic deformation, seismic anisotropy and geodynamics. Microstructure characterized using OM, TEM, SEM and EBSD of experimentally or naturally deformed specimens combined with modelling of CPO evolution and physical properties as a basis for approaching larger scale geodynamic problems. After a PhD in high temperature rock mechanics at The Australian National University and postdoc in Materials Science at Oxford university (UK), he was hired by the CNRS at the university of Nantes, where he was the director of Electron microscopy facility. He has been at university of Montpellier since 1986 where he has been director of UMR, director of Electron microcopy facility and member of the CNRS National Committee. Crosby distinguished lectureship in the Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences at MIT, Cambridge, U.S.A. Recent distinctions include Elected Fellow of the American Geophysical Union (2012) and La Prime d'excellence de scientifique du CNRS in 2012-2015.

Over 150 publications in peer-reviewed international journals Citation Index over 4000

Five more significant publications recent years

Boudier, F., Baronnet, A., Mainprice, D. (2010) Serpentine Mineral Replacements of Natural Olivine and their Seismic Implications: Oceanic Lizardite versus Subduction-Related Antigorite. Journal of Petrology 51:495-512; doi:10.1093/petrology/egp049

Mainprice, D. Hielscher, R., Schaeben, H. (2011) Calculating anisotropic physical properties from texture data using the MTEX open source package. In: Prior, D.J., Rutter, E.H., Tatham, D. J. (eds) Deformation Mechanisms, Rheology and Tectonics: Microstructures, Mechanics and Anisotropy. Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 360, 175-192.

Peuble, S., Andreani, M., Godard, M., Gouze, P., Barou, F., Van de Moortele, B., Mainprice, D., Reynard, B. (2015) Carbonate mineralization in percolated olivine aggregates: Linking effects of crystallographic orientation and fluid flow. American Mineralogist American Mineralogist 100,474-482. (Highlighted by American Mineralogist editors as a "Notable Paper")

Violay M., Gibert, B., Mainprice, D., Burg J.-P. (2015) Brittle versus ductile deformation as the main control of the deep fluid circulation in oceanic crust. Geophys. Res. Lett., 42, doi:10.1002/ 2015GL063437.

Mainprice, D. (2015) Seismic anisotropy of the deep Earth from a mineral and rock physics perspective. Schubert, G. ‘Treatise in Geophysics, 2nd Edition’ Volume 2. Oxford: Elsevier. pp 487-538.

Almqvist, B.S.G and Mainprice, D. (2017) Seismic properties and anisotropy of the continental crust: Predictions based on mineral texture and rock microstructure. Reviews of Geophysics in press and on-line.

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