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Noelynna RAMOS
Prof. ramos
University of the Philippines
Assistant Professor
Period of Stay
2016/5/16 - 2016/8/11
Research Theme
Tsunami simulation for potential earthquake along Manila Trench
Host Researcher
Self Introduction

My research interests generally focus on active tectonic and geological processes that transform the physical landscape. I am particularly interested in using geological, geomorphological, and geophysical information to understand tectonic processes and evaluate the risk potential of geological hazards. I have done significant work on the seismotectonic implications of marine terraces in the Philippines. We are currently investigating raised Holocene coral terraces and their implications for the seismic potential of the Manila Trench megathrust and its associated offshore upper plate structures. Although the Manila Trench is currently receiving attention due to the seismic hazards it poses to East and Southeast Asian countries, much is still unknown of its seismogenic behavior.

At ERI, I will use available geological, geomorphological, and geophysical data to constrain a potential tsunamigenic earthquake along the Manila Trench. Fault rupture, coseismic deformation, and tsunami heights will be modelled using the latest version of JAGURS (ver. 2016.01.29), a numerical code that computes tsunami propagation and inundation. Input fault parameters and surface deformation will be inferred from earthquake history, active faults, and raised coral terraces in west Luzon Island. This research opportunity at ERI hopes to contribute towards understanding the seismotectonic behavior of the Manila Trench and to provide useful information for disaster preparedness and mitigation efforts in the Philippines.

Research Report
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