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Vincent STRAK
Prof. strak
School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment, Monash University
Research Fellow
Period of Stay
2016/4/1 - 2016/9/30
Research Theme
Towards simulating the earthquake cycle in fully dynamic regional models of subduction
Host Researcher
Naoyuki KATO
Self Introduction

I am tectonophysicist/geodynamicist by formation. I have worked on different research projects focusing on subduction, the earthquake cycle, and the interaction between tectonics and surface processes using analogue and numerical modelling. From September 2012 until then I work in geodynamics related to subduction zones. During a Postdoctoral fellow position at Monash University, Australia, between 2012 and 2016, I conducted self-consistent laboratory models of subduction to investigate the upper mantle flow and associated upwellings occurring in subduction zones [Strak and Schellart, 2014; Strak and Schellart, 2016]. I also collaborated on modelling subduction-induced overriding plate deformation in the laboratory [Chen et al., 2016]. Since April 2016 I am an invited postdoctoral fellow at the Earthquake Research Institute, the University of Tokyo. I work in collaboration with Dr. Naoyuki Kato to develop fully dynamic 3-D numerical models of the subduction megathrust earthquake cycle. I started to develop numerical implementations in subduction models using the code Underworld II and I hope to continue this project and collaboration after this invited postdoc.

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