2004 Eruption at Asama Volcano

Volcano Research Center, Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo

(Left) Small eruption of 17:19 on 15 September 2004. Taken 7.5 km south of the summit by M. Yoshimoto.

(Right) Glowing of the summit at 20:40 of 30 September, taken from 4.5 km NNE of the summit by M. Yoshimoto

Smoking summit crater (Kamayama) of Asama Volcano (from southeast). Lava that appeared in middle September is ponded on the floor and new vent of the 23 and 29 September eruptions is located at the center of the pond. Taken from a helicopter of the Nagano Police by M. Yoshimoto on 1 October.

Eruption products and crater
Distribution map of observatrion sites of ERI
Seismomters __ GPS (diamond: ERI, squre: GSI)

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