2020 OHRCセミナー

4/30 臼井 研究紹介 Self-introduction & Electrical resistivity modeling around the Atotsugawa fault, Asama volcano and the Iheya North Knoll
5/7 森重 研究紹介 Bayesian inversion of surface heat flow in subduction zones
5/21 清水 論文紹介 Zhang et al. (2019) (PDF)
5/28 川勝 論文紹介 Russell et al. (2019) (PDF) その他関連論文 Mark et al. (2019) JGR (PDF)
6/4 竹内 論文紹介 Priestley et al. (2019) (PDF)
6/11 KIM 論文紹介 Rychert et al. (2019) (PDF)
6/25 川野 研究紹介 Persistent Long-Period Signals Recorded by an OBS Array in the Western-Central Pacific: Activity of Ambrym Volcano in Vanuatu
7/2 No seminar
7/9 WAN 論文紹介 Naif, S. (2018) (PDF)
10/22 馬場 Feasibility test of EM survey for HEB project: Part I
11/12 竹尾 Seismic observations and S-wave velocity structure of Showa-Shinzan lava dome in Usu Volcano, Northern Japan
11/26 悪原 Lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary beneath the Sea of Japan back-arc basin
12/3 一瀬 Three dimensional shear wave structure in the upper mantle beneath the oldest Pacific plate
12/24 永井 表面波波形合わせによる海洋上部マントルのVp/Vs構造推定の試み
1/7 川野 Seismic structure of the lithosphere-asthenosphere system beneath the oldest seafloor revealed by the broadband dispersion analysis of the Oldest-1 (Pacific Array) data
1/14 KIM Teleseismic receiver function imaging of the amphibious NE Japan subduction zone
3/4 丸山 Observability of seismic radial anisotropy parameters by the analysis of surface waves and receiver functions based on the MCMC analysis

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2020.05.23 Added Korenaga (2020) (No.16) and Mark et al. (2019) (No.17).

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