International Workshop on "Normal Oceanic Mantle"
Date & Venue
Date:  Mar 4-5, 2013
Venue:  Meeting Room A, Earthquake Research Institute Bldg.1,

 University of Tokyo

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    Scope of the workshop
    We are carrying out a research project "Normal Oceanic Mantle" ( to conduct the innovative observations in the "normal" ocean floor toward understanding of the mantle dynamics.
    The typical ocean floor should be the best window to reveal the fundamental features of our planet, and high-quality geophysical data are now being accumulated.
    Considering that many other fascinating ocean floor observations have been conducted or are now in progress, we will hold a workshop to exchange and discuss the up-to-date results about the structure and dynamics in the oceanic regions.
    We welcome papers on the observation technologies, the picture of the oceanic mantle, the strategies for interpretation of the observed data, and other related topics.
    Scientific Program
    Participants (as of Feb 28):
    Forsyth, D.W. (Brown Univ)
    Gaherty, J.B. (Lamont)
    Singh, S. (IPGP)
    Evans, R. (WHOI)
    Tarits, P. (UBO)
    Ekstrom, G. (Lamont)
    Mainprice, D. (Montpellier)
    Hirschmann, M. (Minnesota)
    Becker, T. (USC)
    Michibayashi, K. (Shizuoka)
    Kato, M. (Kyoto)
    Yoshizawa, K. (Hokkaido)
    Morita, H. (Oxford Instruments KK)
    Goulden, J. (Oxford Instruments KK)
    + ERI & JAMSTEC staffs
    If you want to participate in this workshop, please let us know by an e-mail to
    Final Title & Abstract Submissions
    Please let us know the final title of your talk before Feb. 15 by email to if it is not identical to that you gave us at the time of
    the registration.
    Please submit your abstract before Feb. 26 by email to
    The abstracts will be printed and distributed at the time of the workshop.  For editorial reasons, we encourage to use the form of

    Oral Presentations
      Every speaker has 30 min (including 5 min for discussions).

    Poster Presentations
      For discussions at the meeting, if you want, you can present posters as well.
      The poster board is about the AGU size (6 ft. x 4 ft.).
      If you want to bring the poster, please let us know when you submit your abstract.

      The LOC prepared rooms for the invited speakers at Hotel Metropolitan Edmont.

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