Time Session Name Presentation Title
8:30 Opening    
8:35-9:05 Greetings    
8:35-8:41   Takehiro Koyaguchi  Director, Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo
8:41-8:47   Takao Shimizu Executive Vice President, University of Tokyo
8:47-8:53   Hiromiki Terada Director, Earthquake and Disaster-Reduction Research Division, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology -Japan
8:53-8:59   Ryugo Hayano Chair of Physics Department, University of Tokyo
8:59-9:05   Hiroaki Aihara Vice Dean of School of Science, University of Tokyo/Center for High Energy Geophysics Research
9:10-12:25 Plenary     
  Chair Tony Hurst  
9:10-9:35   Hiroyuki K. M. Tanaka Muon Radiography in Japan
9:35-10:00   Paolo Strolin Mt. Vesuvius, Stromboli and the MU-RAY Project
10:00-10:25   Antonio Ereditato R&D on nuclear emulsion detectors for muon-radiography of large structures
10:25-10:50   Douglas Bryman Muon Geotomography for Mineral Exploration
10:50-11:10 Break     
  Chair Paolo Strolin  
11:10-11:35   Francis Halzen IceCube: Particle Astrophysics with High-Energy Neutrinos
11:35-12:00   Paolo Piattelli Towards a km3 scale neutrino telescope in the Mediterranean Sea: KM3NeT
12:00-12:25   Hiroaki Aihara Hyper-Kamiokande : The Next Generation 
12:30-13:30 Lunch     
13:30-17:50 Volcanology    
  Chair Justin Albert  
13:30-13:50   Giulio Saracino The MU-RAY telescope
13:50-14:10   Seigo Miyamoto Imaging a lava dome density structure in Unzen
14:10-14:30   Giovanni De Lellis Muon radiography with nuclear emulsion in Italian laboratories 
14:30-14:50   Cristina Carloganu Density Imaging of Volcanoes With Atmospheric Muons using a
Glass Resistive Plate Chambers Detector
14:50-15:10   Izumi Yokoyama What can we expect from muon radiography to discuss volcanic activities?
15:10-15:30 Break     
  Chair Hiroyuki Tanaka  
15:30-15:50   Tomofumi Kozono Effects of gas escape and crystallization on the complexity of conduit flow dynamics during lava dome eruptions
15:50-16:10   Joachim Gottsmann Subsurface mass and density distribution at Soufrière Hills Volcano, Montserrat, British West Indies: a case for muon radiography?
  Chair Sharon Kedar  
16:10-16:30   Justin Albert Toward Muon Tomography in the Pacific Northwest of North America
16:30-16:50   Glyn Williams-Jones Muon Tomography in the N. Cascades, Canada: A case for imaging the Mt. Meager Volcanic Complex
16:50-17:10   Tony Hurst Ngauruhoe volcano as a target for muon tomography
17:10-17:30   Pedro A. Hernandez Muon radiography at Teide and Cumbre Vieja volcanoes, Canary Islands, Spain
17:30-17:50    Masako Tominaga Developing Underwater Cosmic-Ray Muon Radiography  -A Novel Application to Image the Inside of Active Submarine Volcanoes
17:50-20:00 Poster    
    Tomohisa Uchida Application of a readout module to a real-time monitoring system
    Akimichi Taketa New Radiography Method for Small Scale Structure Using Soft Component of Air Shower 
    Ryuichi Nishiyama Incorporating gravimetric information to muon radiography to obtain an internal density structure of the Mt.Showa-Shinzan lava dome
    Kuniyoshi Takamatsu Development of a simple-material discrimination method with three plastic scintillator strips for visualizing nuclear reactors
    Hiroshi Suenaga Development of a Logging Tool for Muon Radiography
    Daigo Shoji Icy satellite research by neutrino induced radios
    Denki Kagaku Kogyo Report for “Development of an electric furnace measurement technique with cosmic ray muons”
18:00-20:00 Reception    

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Time Session Name Presentation Title
9:30-11:10 Technical Developments    
  Chair Akimichi Taketa  
9:30-9:50   Raffaello D'Alessandro The readout system for the Silicon photomultipliers of the MuRay muon telescope
9:50-10:10   Cristiano Bozza Status and outlook of the European Scanning System
10:10-10:30   Toshiyuki Nakano Development of Nuclear Emulsion Technology and an application to Muon tomography -R&D of the next generation read-out system-
10:30-10:50   Naotaka Naganawa Development of Nuclear Emulsion Technology and an application to Muon tomography  -Emulsion Gel Development-
10:50-11:10   Yoshio Mita MEMS-integrated VLSI Foundry Scheme in the University of Tokyo VDEC and its Application to Particle Sensor
11:10-11:30  Break     
11:30-12:10 Industrial Application    
  Chair Douglas Bryman  
11:30-11:50   Akimichi Taketa Cosmic Muon Imaging of Hidden Seismic Fault Zones: The Measurement of Density Variation by Rainfall Using Cosmic-ray 
11:50-12:10   Akira Sannomiya Introduction of a test measurement for a monitoring technology inside a large-scale civil engineering structure using muon radiography
12:10-13:10 Lunch Break     
13:10-15:30 Planetary Science     
  Chair Paolo Piattelli  
13:10-13:30   Kotoyo Hoshina  Neutrio Absorption Tomography of the Earth's Core with IceCube 40 strings data
13:30-13:50   Rosa Coniglione ANTARES: the first operational neutrino telescope in the Mediterranean sea
13:50-14:10   Holger Martin Motz Measuring Atmospheric Neutrinos and Muons with ANTARES
14:10-14:30 Break     
  Chair Giulio Saracino  
14:30-14:50    Sharon Kedar Geological investigation of Mars using muon radiography - Target selection and priorities
14:50-15:10    Cathleen E. Jones Mission Implementation Constraints on Planetary Muon Radiography
15:10-15:30    Kimiaki Masuda Formation of cloud nuclei by atmospheric cosmic rays


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