Overview of the CHEER (Center for High Energy gEophysics Research)


CHEER, Center for High Energy Geophysics Research, is founded on April 1, 2010 as an affiliated Research Center in the Earthquake Research Institute (ERI) , the Tokyo University.

Organization and Management

The Presidency of Tokyo University has strongly encouraged and supported founding the CHEER through providing chairs of professorship. ERI also allowed CHEER to employ researchers. CHEER has now two labs, i.e.,

  1. Physics Lab dedicated to developing high energy particle sensors and analysis technologies
  2. Geophysics Lab dedicated to applying the cosmic ray radiography to solid earth science.

ERI and the Graduate School of Science(GSS) are even partners for managing the CHEER. They form the Administration Board of CHEER where important issues on the management are discussed and decided

Outline of Research

High energy particles (muon, neutrino) in the cosmic ray show us density profile of geophysical targets, such as volcanoes, faults and deep interior of the earth. The imaging technology, high energy radiography, opens an window to study earthquakes and volcanisms

Administration Board Members (as of April 1, 2010)

Director of ERI, Professor.
Director of Graduate School of Science, Professor.
AIHARA Hiroaki
Deputy Director of Graduate School of Science, Professor
Head of Physics Department, Graduate School of Science, Professor
OKUBO Shuhei
Head of CHEER, Professor