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B. Intra-meeting excursions

B1: Unzen eruption -- Disaster and recovery

B1:Mount Unzen - New Iava dome, Heisei Shinzan, formed during 1990-1995 eruption - photo by MLIT (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation)

Date: November 21 (Wed.) (1 day)

Leaders: H. Shimizu and T. Matsushima (Kyushu Univ.), S. Nakada and T. Fujii (Univ. Tokyo), H. Hoshizumi and S. Takarada (Geol. Surv. Japan), Y. Miyabuchi (Forestry Forest Prod. Res. Inst.), T. Ui (Crisis Environ. Manag. Policy Inst.), Y. Miyake (Shinshu Univ.), T. Sugimoto (Kyoto Univ.)


Cost: Included in the registration fee
Participants: 600 (max.)
Includes: Transportation by chartered bus, snack lunch, beverages and guidebook


Shimabara City - Nita Pass (lookout for Heisei Shinzan: new lava dome) - Minami Senbongi (new exposure of lahar and pyroclastic flow deposits) - Taruki-daichi Park Nature Center (revegetation after destruction) - Ruins of Onokoba Elementary School, burned by pyroclastic flow on Sept. 15, 1991 - Onokoba Sabo Mirai Museum (with sabo control center) - Mizunashi River Memorial Park (houses destroyed by debris flows) - Visit school - Shimabara City


Shimabara City and its environs were damaged by repeated pyroclastic flows and lahar during the 1990-1995 eruption of Unzen Volcano. We will visit the devastated area and look around the ruins of the eruption. Local residents, Kataribe, who lost their houses and relatives, will relate the disaster and their experiences. We will also learn about reconstruction works following the volcanic devastation, such as the ground mounding project in the Annaka area and several other lahar control projects. Moreover, we visit an elementary school and look at an activity relating the experiences of the volcanic disaster to younger generations. It will be chilly to cold (5 - 20°C). Warm clothes, rain gear, and sneakers or light boots are recommended.

B2: Helicopter Flight over Unzen  full

Date: November 23 (Fri.) Afternoon (about 30 min.)

Contact: convention@citiesonvolcanoes5.com

Cost: Free of charge
Participants: 100 (max.)


By support of Japan Ground Self-Defense Force, participants can fly over the new lava dome (Heisei Shinzan) and the surrounding area with a large helicopter. The first 100 persons are acceptable though subject to be canceled in weather condition. Also the person who participates in the poster session or other activities at the same time may not be able to board the flight. A child under six years old can not go on board.

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