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Field Excursions

Field Excursions


The following pre-, intra- and post-conference field excursions, A, B and C respectively, will be offered, including a CEV (commission of explosive volcanism excursions) field workshop. Excursion leaders will communicate with registered participants on details of the excursions and possible modifications. The excursion fee includes accommodation plus transportation during the excursion. Concerning meals, check the descriptions blow. The excursion fee does not cover the travel cost between the starting or terminating point of the excursion and Shimabara, except for A5, A6, A7, A8, B1, C1, C2 and C5. Participants in these excursions should make their own travel arrangements, for example, through travel agencies in their own countries. Excursions leaders may suggest possible routes and times. Also, participants having any special meal requirements should contact leaders in advance.

In addition, since the organizing committee cannot bear the responsibility for accidents that may occur during these field trips, participants should purchase travel insurance through their travel agencies.

A. Pre-conference Excursions

  Title Dates
A1 Usu and Hokkaido-Komagatake volcanoes, southwestern Hokkaido FULL Nov. 15-18
A2 Active volcanoes on the Izu arc: Izu-Oshima and Miyakejima FULL Nov. 15-17
A3 Fuji and Hakone volcanoes FULL Nov. 15-18
A4 Asama and Kusatsu-Shirane volcanoes, central Japan CANCELLED Nov. 15-17
A5 Kikai caldera and southern Kyushu FULL Nov. 14-18
A6 Living with Aso-Kuju volcanoes and geothermal field FULL Nov. 16-18
A7 Living with Sakurajima Volcano CANCELLED Nov. 16-18
A8 Historic remains and archives of the AD 1792 Unzen disaster FULL Nov. 18
AX Field Workshop: Commission on Explosive Volcanism, IAVCEI FULL Nov. 13-17

B. Intra-meeting Excursions

  Title Dates
B1 Unzen eruption -- Disaster and recovery Nov. 21
B2 Helicopter Flight over Unzen FULL Nov. 23
Afternoon (about 30 min.)

C. Post-conference Excursions

  Title Dates
C1 Unzen Volcano and new lava dome climb FULL Nov. 24-26
C2 Sakurajima and Kaimondake volcanoes, southern Kyushu FULL Nov. 24-26
C3 Aso Volcano: Gigantic pyroclastic flow eruptions and post-caldera activity FULL Nov. 27-28
C4 Workshop: Fuji Volcano FULL Nov. 25-27
C5 Nagasaki tour: Christian history FULL Nov. 24

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