Information and data handed out in the 892nd DANWAKAI

Information and data handed out in the 892nd DANWAKAI (ERI Monthly meeting)

[Some of them are only in Japanese]

About the evaluation of The Headquarters for earthquake Research Promotion (By: Dr.Satake and Project researcher. Murotani)

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About the Jougan earthquake and Tsunami in 869

(Dr.Satake, Dr.Shishikura, Dr.Sawai, Dr.Okamura, Dr.Namegaya<Active Fault and Earthquake Research Center (AFERC)>)

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Source Process and strong motion

(Division of Disaster Mitigation Scienece: Dr.Miyake, Dr.Koketsu, Dr.Poiata, Dr.Yokota, Dr.Shi, Dr. Kawazoe, Dr.Yun, Dr.Mak, Dr.Ibrahim, Dr.Furumura, Dr.Noguchi, Dr.Maeda, Dr.Takemura, Dr.Takemoto, Dr.Sakaue)

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The 2011 Tohoku earthquake from the Earth’s Free Oscillations point of view

(Dr.Kawakatsu and Dr.Alex Song)

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Possibility of large megathrust events indicated in “Investigation of the earthquake sequence off Miyagi prefecture with historical seismograms” by Kanamori et al.(2006,EPS)

(By:Masatoshi Miyazawa. Hiroo kanamori(Caltech) and Jim Mori(Kyoto Univ.))

Tsunami model

(By: Dr.Satake, Dr.Ueno, Dr,Sakai (ERI) Dr.Fujii(BRI))

Distinguished ocean-bottom tsunami record of 2011 Pacific Coast Earthquake, and the interpretation

(By:Dr.Maeda, Dr.Furumura, Dr.Sakai)

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The 2011 Tohoku earthquake and the earthquake: seismic activity in that area and the seismic observation on land

(2011 Tohoku earthquake observing group:Dr. Obara, Dr.Sakai, Dr.Nanjo)

The source process of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake revealed by Meso-net
(Dr.Honda, Dr.Yukutake, Dr. Harada, Dr.Ito, Dr.Akitakawa, Dr.Yoshida(Hot Springs Research Institute of Kanagawa Prefecture), Dr.Hirata(ERI), Dr.Kimura(NIED))

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Spatio-temopral change of inter-plate quasi-static slip in the northeastern Japan arc inferred from small repeating earthquakes


Statistical analysis of the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake

(Dr.Nanjo, Dr,Yokoi, Dr.Tsuruoka, Dr.Hirata)

Is there a limit for coupled rupture of asperity?

(Dr.Kato Aitaro, Dr.Kato Naoyuki)

The occurrence pattern of the massive earthquake at Japan trench subduction zone and the seismic, interseismic and long term crustal change

(Dr,Ishiyama, Dr.Kato Naoko, Dr.Sato(ERI), Dr.Hoshino(GSI)

About the tsunami of 2011 Tohoku Earthquake


Experiment for forecasting aftershocks of the 2011 off the Pacific coast earthquake in Japan