Tsunami investigation at Miyako, Iwaizumi, Tanohata, Fudai, Noda. (Temporary)

Tsunami investigation at Miyako, Iwaizumi, Tanohata, Fudai, Noda. (Temporary)

On 3rd and 4th of April, tsunami investigation was held from Miyako city to Kuji city. At Aonotaki, a Tsunami run-up height of 34.8 was measured, comparable to 37.9 at Koboriuchi Fisheries Cooperative Association. The black dots on the map below indicate for surveying points and the white dots are for inspection points. The numbers on bracket by the inspection points are an approximate height, so the result of further investigation is effective.

(Dr.Tsuji, Dr.Oki, Project Researcher.Sugimoto, Researcher.Tomari)

Facing the ocean from Tarou station (Tsunami run-up height11.7)

Facing the Tarou city center from Ideha shrine (Tsunami run-up height 19.1m)

Facing the plain area from the top of coastal levee in Settai

Trace material remaining on the cliff next to coastal levee in Settai. See how high the tsunami came up to, by comparing with the person in the center.

Aonotaki Fisheries Cooperative Association. Trace of tsunami that approached from the port far ahead. (Tsunami run-up height 34.8m)

Shimanokoshi. The iron bridge of Sanriku railroad is falling

The villages facing the shore is devastated.

Raga district. From top of the coastal levee, facing the village with back against the ocean