Introduction of Volcano Research Center

VOLCANO RESEARCH CENTER (VRC) promotes researches for prediction of volcanic eruptions to elucidate elementary processes and fundamental principles of various phenomena of volcanoes.

We also conducts various scientific researches on magmatic processes and volcano dynamics, which will help to improve prediction of volcanic eruptions. Some of these researches are made in cooperation with other domestic and overseas institutions. One of current major subjects is to reveal features of magma plumbing systems, based on the study of crustal structure below active volcanoes. Other subjects include analysis of various data on volcanoes and characterization of eruptive processes.

We hold observatories and a laboratory in Asama, Komoro, Kirishima, and Izu-Oshima, and permanent networks in Mt. Fuji and Miyakejima. High-quality networks were established in Izu-Oshima and Asama volcanoes recently. We conduct the projects of the National Program for the Prediction of Volcanic Eruptions, volcano structure exploration and extensive observation at volcanoes, applying the Committee for Eruption Prediction Research in ERI and the visiting professor system.

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