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Eruptive activity of Sinabung volcano (Indonesia) in 2013 and 2014

Eruption of Asama volcano in 1973
(by E. Koyama)


What is VRC ?
Composition of VRC
Director: Takayuki KANEKO
Takao OHMINATO Volcanophysics, Volcano Seismology
Makoto UYESHIMA Geoelectromagnetism
Takayuki KANEKO Volcano Remote-Sensing
Mie ICHIHARA Volcanophysics
Yujiro SUZUKI Volcanophysics
Fukashi MAENO Volcano Geology
Yohei YUKUTAKE Volcano Seismology
[ Detail of Faculty Members (Staff/Graduate student/Visiting staff) ]
(Asama, Komoro, Izu-Oshima, Kirishima, Others )


Prompt Reports
Current volcanic eruptions in Japan
REALVOLC (Real-time monitoring of active volcanoes by satellites)
Weekly Volcano Activity Report by Smithsonian & USGS

Mt. Fuji Project (II)
Exploration of Volcanoes using Unmanned Helicopter
Seismic experiment at Asama Volcano (09-15/Oct/2006)
Vesivuius Volcano Project [Ricostrzione delle Scen Cultrale e Naturale della Zona Coperto dalla Danneggia Vulcanica (2004-2009)]
Mt. Fuji Project (I) (2001-2004)
Unzen Scientific Drilling Project
Seismic experiment at Izu-Oshima Volcano (27/Oct-05/Nov/1999)

Active Volcanoes
Mt. Fuji
Unzen, Sakurajima (Decade Volcanoes in Japan)
Asama Volcano, Special of 2004 eruption (01/Jul/2002)
Special of Miyakejima Eruption in 2000
Preliminary report on eruption at Anatahan volcano , Northern Marianas (25/Jul/03)
Report of eruption at Pago volcano , PNG (04/Sep/2002)

Volcanological Society of Japan 2010 Fall meeting at Kyoto University [Kyoto, 9-11/Oct/2010]
Cities on Volcanoes 6 [Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain (31/May - 4/Jun/2010)]
Volcanological Society of Japan 2009 Fall meeting at Museum of Natural History / Hot Springs Research Institute of Kanagawa Prefecture [Odawara, 10-12/Oct/2009]
Volcanological Society of Japan 2008 Fall meeting at Iwate Univ. [Morioka, 11-14/Oct/2008]
2008 IAVCEI General Assembly [Reykjavik, Iceland (18-25/Aug/2008)]
Cities on Volcanoes 5 [Shimabara, Nagasaki (19-23/Nov/2007)]
International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG XXIV 2007) [Perugia, Italy (02-13/Jul/2007)]

Dr. Aizawa, VSJ Research Encouraging Award (2009/6/14)
Professor Fujii, Certificate of Commendation from the Minister of Disaster Prevention (2008/9/5)
Dr. Maeno, IAVCEI George Walker Award (2008/8/19)
Dr. Maeno, Dr. Suzuki, VSJ Research Encouraging Award (2008/6/27)
Dr. Kaneko, DAIWA ADRIAN PRIZES (Dec/2001)

Committees and Material
National reports on volcanic activities and volcanological studies in Japan (1995-1998) (December 30, 1999)

VSAT and UAT <PDF version> (25/Mar/2008)
1991 Eruption of Shinmoe-dake, Kirishima Volcano
1986 Eruption of Izu-Oshima


(LEFT) Tephra from Fuji Volcano in 1707 (Hoei eruption)--Based on Miyaji (1988).
(RIGHT) Pumice and scoria beds of the Hoei eruption-- at Tarobo taken by T.Chiba

The latest eruption of Fuji Volcano (3,776 m in altitude; the HIGHEST in Japan) occurred in 1707. The magnitude of this eruption was "FIVE" as VEI (Volcanic Explosivity Index, proposed by Newhall and Shelf, 1982). According to "Volcanoes of the World" (2nd ed.) by Simkin and Siebert (1994), Japan has not experienced eruptions as large as VEI=5 during these 300 years, except for this eruption and the Tarumai (Shikotsu) 1739 eruption! Their list shows that about 2% of eruptions in the world was "FIVE" and larger. These 200 years, 15 large explosive eruptions (VEI=5-7) occurred outside Japan. The Japanese island-arc has 83 active volcanoes; reaching about 10% in the world. Several eruptions occur here every year. We should prepare against approaching large eruptions in Japan, including Fuji and Tarumai volcanoes, though the researches for long-period prediction of volcanic eruption just started.

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Unzen dome on 19 May 1995--taken by S. Nakada.

This volcano stopped its eruption in February 1995. This photo shows the western view of lava dome and pyroclastic flow deposits extensively distributed around it.

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