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Earthquake Research Institute
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Last update: 2019-11-17


  • FP21 is our proposed 21-bit floating-point number format, which has the advantage of the same dynamic range as FP32 and a better accuracy than FP16. An example of usage of FP21 in OpenACC is provided in [FP21AXPY source code].
  • Takuma Yamaguchi, Kohei Fujita, Tsuyoshi Ichimura, Akira Naruse, Muneo Hori, and Maddegedara Lalith, gGPU Implementation of a Sophisticated Implicit Low-Order Finite Element Solver with FP21-32-64 Computation Using OpenACC,h In Proceedings of Sixth Workshop on Accelerator Programming Using Directives (WACCPD), IEEE, 2019. [paper]

TC-enhanced Matched Filtering

  • TC-enhanced Matched Filtering is a fast Matched Filter method using Tensor Core operations on NVIDIA GPUs. [source code]
  • Takuma Yamaguchi, Tsuyoshi Ichimura, Kohei Fujita, Aitaro Kato, and Shigeki Nakagawa, gMatched Filtering Accelerated by Tensor Cores on Volta GPUs with Improved Accuracy using Half Precision Variables,h IEEE Signal Processing Letters, 2019. [paper]

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