2nd International Workshop on Strong Ground Motion Prediction and Earthquake Tectonics in Urban Areas


October 25-27, 2005
5F Hall, Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo, Japan
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Hosted by ERI, Univ. Tokyo; DPRI, Kyoto Univ. and NIED
Sponsored by DaiDaiToku Project from MEXT, Japan
Co-sponsored by Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC)/USC, USA



Because various plate boundaries surround the Pacific Ocean to form the seismically-active `Ring of Fire', urban areas in the circum-Pacific region are threatened by future big earthquakes. In Japan on the northwestern margin of the Pacific Ocean, The MEXT has begun the "Special Project for Earthquake Disaster Mitigation in Urban Areas" ("DaiDaiToku Project" in abbreviated Japanese) which targets the reduction of seismic disasters in Japan's major metropolitan areas. In the USA on the northeastern margin, the National Science Foundation established the SCEC in 1991 for similar purposes. In this workshop we introduce our achievements in the first three years of the DaiDaiToku Project I and exchange results of similar research with SCEC scientists. Topics of the workshop include earthquake sources, seismic profiling of faults and tectonic setting, earthquake observation, GPS measurements, strong ground motion predictions, seismic hazard assessments, and other related issues in urban areas.
Invited Speakers from the USA (in alphabetical order)

Invited Domestic Speakers