Call for paper

Call for Abstracts

Abstract Submission Deadline: October  11, 2014

General Information of Abstract Submission

Submission of an abstract constitutes a commitment by the first author.
Presentation by the first author is most preferable. However, under circumstances, the first author may be replaced by co-authors. Please appoint a presenter.

Abstract Format Guidelines

  1. The format for abstracts consists of 1 page of text. Text should be approximately 300 words including spaces (single space). Tables/ figures can be included in the abstract.
    A sample abstract and form can be downloaded from HERE.
  2. All abstracts must be submitted in PDF or Word formats. You must embed all fonts and specify A4 (210x297mm) size explicitly when you make a PDF file to avoid any troubles around interoperability.
  3. Language
    The abstract must be written in clear and correct English.
  4. Layout Setting
    Please prepare your abstract according to the setting below.
    (1) Margins
    The top and bottom margins should be set at 30mm. Left and right hand margins set at 25mm.
    Keep to a single space and use a single column.
    (2) Spacing
    All paragraphs should be written in a single space with a single space line brake between each paragraph.
    (3) Page Numbering
    Please do NOT number pages.
  5. Order
    You are responsible for typing accuracy and proofreading your abstract.
    All fonts should be in Times New Roman except for Title. If you decide to use symbols or Greek characters, please use the font "Symbol".
    Please follow the guideline below strictly in preparing your abstract:
    (1) Title of Abstract
    Typed in bold and left aligned in 14pt, Arial. The title should be less than 20 words.
    (2) Authors' names
    Center aligned in bold, 14pt, Times New Roman.
    If you have co-authors, please list all co-authors here. Different affiliations should be numbered after each last name. Please insert "*" after the speaker's last name.
    (3) Author's affiliation
    Center aligned straight below the authors' names, in 12pt, Times New Roman, Italic. Please write clearly each authors' affiliation with company/university, identifying city, and country.
    (4) Body
    The text should be left and right justified in 12pt, Times New Roman. Headings and sub-headings (e.g. Introduction, Results, Discussions, Conclusions, etc.) should be in bold.

Copyright Agreement: By your submission, you grant MNR2013 the right to use your abstracts on MNR2013 websites, printed materials and newsletters without further notice.

Contact Information

If you have any question regarding the submission, please contact to:

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