Weighting Scheme
Weighting Scheme
Tomography Model
D'' discontinuity
Low Velocity Province at the CMB
Weighting Scheme

Waveform inversion for detailed 3-D Earth structure is increasingly important approach for seismology.  Our group developed an accurate and efficient computational method, the Direct Solution Method (DSM; Geller & Takeuchi 1995 etc.), and waveform inversion based on accurate synthetic seismograms for 3-D heterogeneous Earth model became feasible.  Also, we recently developed a sophisticated data weigthing method to improve the resultant Earth model (Takeuchi & Kobayashi 2004).  Using these methods, we hope to reveal detailed elastic and anelastic properties of the Earth in the near future.

  • Takeuchi, N. and Kobayashi, M., 2004.  Improvement of seismological earth models by using data weighting in waveform inversion, Geophys. J. Int., 158, 681-694.