2021 OHRCセミナー

2020 OHRCセミナー

4/22 塩原 研究紹介
5/6 一瀬 論文紹介 Adam et al. (2021) (PDF)
5/20 竹尾 論文紹介 Korenaga and Korenaga (2016) (PDF)
5/27 -> 5/28 PA online workshop
6/10 森重 論文紹介 Richards et al. (2018) (PDF)
6/24 川野 D論中間発表(練習)
7/1 WAN 論文紹介 Karato (2019) (PDF)
7/8 丸山 D論中間発表(練習)
10/7 日程調整
10/28 川野 D論発表(練習)
11/4 Dr. Sanxi Ai (ERI visiting researcher hosted by Akuhara-san)
12/2 永井 研究紹介
12/23 Roshan Singh (hosted by Baba-san)
2/10 HyeJeong Kim (OHRC)

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PEPI special issue:
Physical properties and observations of the lithosphere-asthenosphere system
Edited by Dr. Rick Aster, Dr. Saskia Goes, Dr. Derek Schutt
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AGU Monography Mantle Convection and Surface Expressions
Editor(s):Hauke Marquardt, Maxim Ballmer, Sanne Cottaar, Jasper Konter
Print ISBN:9781119528616 |Online ISBN:9781119528609 |DOI:10.1002/9781119528609