Science of Slow Earthquakes

Science of Slow Earthquakes - Toward a unified understanding of all earthquake events from low-speed deformation to high-speed slip

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The paper by Dr. Saeko Kita (Research Collaborator in Group B01) was published on Nature Communications.

Press release by Building Research Institute (in Japanese): Click here

International Joint Workshop on Slow Earthquakes 2021

Date 2021/09/14-16
Venue Virtual
Details Program

The paper by Dr. Futoshi Yamashita (Co-investigator in Group C01) was published on Nature Communications.

Press release by NIED: Click here    

Sessions at JpGU 2021

Meeting JpGU 2021 (Website)
Date 2021/05/30-06/06
Abstract Submission Open: Jan. 13 until Feb. 18, 2021
Meeting Format Virtual
Details Sessions:
Science of slow earthquakes: Toward unified understandings of whole earthquake process
Conveners: Satoshi Ide, Hitoshi Hirose, Kohtaro Ujiie and Takahiro Hatano

Sessions at EGU 2021

Meeting EGU 2021 (Website)
Date 2021/04/19-30
Abstract Submission Deadlinen: Jan. 20 at 13:00 CET, 2021
Meeting Format Virtual
Details Sessions:
TS7.5 Subduction zone slip styles-interplay of fluids and deformation
Conveners: Francesca Meneghini, Ake Fagereng, Kohtaro Ujiie and Martijn van den Ende

G3.6 Seismo-geodesy : integrating geodetic/seismological observations and analysis to probe the behavior of faults
Conveners: Jean-Mathieu Nocquet, Takuya Nishimura, Haluk Ozener and Susanna Zerbini

The paper by Dr. Ryuta Arai was picked up as Editors' Highlights on Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth.