In our laboratory, experimental and analytical studies on seismic behavior of buildings, mainly reinforced concrete buildings are conducted. Static loading tests to investigate behaviors of structural members such as columns and beams, and dynamic or pseudo-dynamic loading tests are conducted to investigate dynamic behavior of whole structures. Several selected buildings are instrumented to measure their real vibration and to develop a structural health-monitoring system with the recorded data. Main topics of our laboratory are listed as below;

・Development of a new structural health-monitoring system
・Development and improvement of a performance-based seismic design methodology
・Renovation technique for existing old buildings
・Seismic behavior of reinforced and un-reinforced masonry buildings
・Seismic evaluation of wall type buildings
・Earthquake damage investigation


Now we have members from several countries, not only from Japan, but also from China, New Zealand, El Salvador and there will be also new members from other countries will join us in several months. We are an international lab just like a big family, all members in our lab are so friendly and nice. For research, We have seminar per week to talk about our own research if anyone wants to share or have some questions or problems to call for help from other members, and furthermore, we also have some conversations, meetings when anyone will free and wants to talk about research, all members are so nice and willing to do academic exchanges. And for life, we have some interesting activities some time for fun, such as group trips, gathering dinners and so on. We are opening for all researchers and potential students or anyone who is interested in our lab or our research.

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