Tomography Model
Tomography Model
Tomography Model
D'' discontinuity
Low Velocity Province at the CMB
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Global SH Velocity Model (SH18CE) 

A whole mantle SH velocity model is obtained by using a unique data set and techniques. Body and surface waveforms including major and multi-orbit phases are used as a data set and are inverted by using 3D Born kernels.  The resultant model, SH18CE, reveals the different natures of the two major upwelling systems: the strong low velocity anomalies beneath Africa extend for more than 1000 km from the core-mantle boundary (CMB), whereas those beneath the Pacific are restricted to 300-400 km from the CMB. The results also show the variable natures of stagnant slabs on the 670 discontinuity around Japan: the depths of the strongest high velocity anomalies within the stagnant slabs are different region by region, which is consistent with the detailed delay time tomography model in this area.

download the model parameters (sh18ce.tar.gz)
mapview of the model SH18CE (1)
mapview of the model SH18CE (2)
mapview of the model SH18CE (3)

  • Takeuchi, N., 2007.  Whole mantle SH velocity model constrained by waveform inversion based on three-dimensional Born kernels, Geophys. J. Int., 169, 1153-1163.