2022 OHRCセミナー

Date & Presenter
4/14 Takehi Isse
    Tilt of vertical component of BBOBS and its characteristics
4/28 Nozomu Takeuchi
    Olivine Fabrics Constrained by Azimuthal Pn Anisotropy
5/12 no seminar
6/2 HyeJeong Kim
     High-resolution seismic constraint on the seafloor sediments using the teleseismic body waves
6/9 no seminar
6/23 Yoshiya Usui
     Blatter, D., Naif, S., Key, K. et al. A plume origin for hydrous melt at the lithosphere–asthenosphere boundary. Nature 604, 491–494 (2022).
6/30 Hogyum Kim (Seoul National University)
7/7 Manabu Morishige
7/14 no seminar but reserved for scientific meeting with Prof. Korenaga
10/13 Takehi Isse
     Cruise report of Oldest-2 on R/V Legend
11/10 Prof. J. Gaherty (Northern Arizona University)
     Why is the asthenosphere weak? Improving quantification of partial melt in the mantle.
11/24 Porf. Zhu (The University of Texas at Dallas)
     Some thoughts on elastic wavefield imaging and environmental seismology
12/1 no seminar
12/8 no seminar (faculty meeting)
12/15 no seminar (AGU meeting)
12/22 no seminar
1/12 no seminar
1/19 no seminar (faculty meeting)
1/26 no seminar (Master thesis' presentation)
2/2 Dr. Wolfram Geissler (Alfred Wegener Institute)
     The crust and upper mantle structure beneath Tristan da Cunha, South Atlantic, as seen from seismological studies
2/16 no seminar (faculty meeting)
3/2 Dr. Yang Lei

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Mantle Convection and Surface Expressions
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