Contents of the Current Issue
Bulletin of the Earthquake Research Institute

Vol. 91 No. 3/4 (2016)

Special Issue: “Possible Effect of Mega Earthquake on Long-term Volcanic Activity” Part 1
Preface (in Japanese)Eiichi Takahashi and Kei Kurita23PDF
Eruption Histories of Zao and Azuma Volcanoes and Their Magma Feeding Systems for Recent ActivitiesMasao Ban, Yoshinori Takebe, Tatsuya Adachi, Ruriko Matsui and Yuki Nishi25-39PDF
Petrological Constraints on the Magma Plumbing System of Izu-Oshima Volcano (in Japanese)Morihisa Hamada41-54PDF
Pre-eruptive Magma Viscosity and a Simplified Estimating Method (in Japanese)Shingo Takeuchi55-63PDF

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