Director:  OBARA Kazushige
General Manager : AMEMIYA Takehiko
Vice Director: KATO Naoyuki , SHIOBARA Hajime

Division of Theoretical Geoscience

KOYAGUCHI Takehiro Professor/Head of Division Theoretical Volcanology Personal website
KAME Nobuki Associate Professor Solid Earth Geophysics Personal website
NISHIDA Kiwamu Associate Professor Solid Earth and Planetary Physics Personal website
HATANO Takahiro Associate Professor Nonlinear Tectonophysics, Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics Personal website
SUZUKI Yujiro Assistant Professor Physical Volcanology Personal website
SAITO Takuya Project Researcher
TAKADA Satoshi Project Researcher
NAKAO Atsushi Project Researcher
SHIMIZU Hiroyuki Project Researcher
NAKASHIMA Yuki Project Researcher

Division of Monitoring Geoscience

NAKATANI Masao Associate Professor/Head of Division Earthquake Source Physics
IMANISHI Yuichi Associate Professor Gravity
WATADA Shingo Associate Professor Solid Earth Geophysics
TAKAMORI Akiteru Assistant Professor Solid Earth Physics

Division of Earth and Planetary Materials Science

TAKEI Yasuko Professor/Head of Division Solid Earth Science Personal website
NAKAI Shunichi Professor Geochemistry Personal website
IWAMORI Hikaru Professor
HIRAGA Takehiko Associate Professor Petrology/Mineralogy Personal website
YASUDA Atsushi Associate Professor Magmatology Personal website
MIURA Yayoi Assistant Professor Geochemistry/Cosmochemistry
MIBE Kenji Assistant Professor Solid Earth Planet Physics Personal website
KOIZUMI Sanae Project Researcher
FERRAND Thomas Project Researcher
YAMAUCHI Hatsuki Project Researcher

Division of Disaster Mitigation Science

FURUMURA Takashi Professor/Head of Division Solid Earth and Planetary Physics Personal website
KABEYASAWA Toshimi Professor Earthquake Engineering/Structural Engineering/Reinforced Conrete Personal website
KUSUNOKI Koichi Professor Reinforced Concrete Structure, Seismic Design, Structural Health Monitoring, Damage Investigation Personal website
KOKETSU Kazuki Professor Applied Seismology Personal website
MIYAKE Hiroe Associate Professor Strong Motion Seismology Personal website
IIDA Masahiro Assistant Professor Structural Engineering
HARADA Tomoya Project Assistant Professor
YEOW TREVOR ZHIQING Project Researcher

Earthquake Prediction Research Center

HIRATA Naoshi Professor/Head of Center Observational Seismology Personal website
UYESHIMA Makoto Professor Solid Earth and Planetary Physics Personal website
SATO Hiroshi Professor Structural Geology Personal website
YAMANO Makoto Professor Solid Earth Geophysics Personal website
KATO Aitaro Associate Professor Personal website
MOCHIZUKI Kimihiro Associate Professor Marine Seismology Personal website
ISHIYAMA Tatsuya Assistant Professor Tectonic Geomorphplogy
KURASHIMO Eiji Assistant Professor Solid Earth and Planetary Physics
NISHIYAMA Akihito Assistant Professor
FUKUDA Junichi Assistant Professor Solid Earth Geophysics
YAMADA Tomoaki Assistant Professor Solid Earth and Planetary Physics Personal website
HASHIMA Akinori Project Assistant Professor
YOSHIMITSU Nana Project Assistant Professor
OTSUKA Koji Project Researcher
KATO Naoko Project Researcher
VAN HORNE Anne Project Researcher
CLARINGBOULD Johan Steven Project Researcher
SHINA Takahiro Project Researcher
KATAGIRI Akihiko Project Researcher
HATA Maki Project Researcher

Volcano Research Center

OHMINATO Takao Associate Professor/Head of Center Volcano-physics
TAKEO Minoru Professor Geophysics Personal website
ICHIHARA Mie Associate Professor Volcano-physics Personal website
MAENO Fukashi Associate Professor Volcanology Personal website
OIKAWA Jun Assistant Professor Volcano-physics
KANEKO Takayuki Assistant Professor Volcanology
KOYAMA Takao Assistant Professor Geoelectromagnetism
GRESSE Marceau Project Researcher

Ocean Hemisphere Research Center

SHIOBARA Hajime Professor/Head of Center Ocean Floor Seismology
UTADA Hisashi Professor Physics of Solid Earth and Planets
KAWAKATSU Hitoshi Professor Seismology Personal website
SHIMIZU Hisayoshi Associate Professor Solid Earth and Planetary Physics Personal website
TAKEUCHI Nozomu Associate Professor Solid Earth Science Personal website
ISSE Takehi Assistant Professor Seismology
BABA Kiyoshi Assistant Professor Marine Electromagnetism
IRITANI Ryohei Project Researcher

Center for High Energy Geophysics Research

OKUBO Shuhei Professor/Head of Center Solid Geophysics Personal website
TANAKA Hiroyuki Professor High Energy Geophysics
TAKETA Akimichi Assistant Professor Particle Geophysics
MIYAMOTO Seigo Assistant Professor Imaging internal structure of volcanoes by using cosmic-ray muon
HOSHINA Kotoyo Project Researcher
OLAH Laszlo Project Researcher
IKEDA Daisuke Project Researcher

Research Center for Large-Scale Earthquake, Tsunami and Disaster

HORI Muneo Professor/Head of Center Computational Earthquake Engineering Personal website
ICHIMURA Tsuyoshi Associate Professor Computational Earthquake Engineering/Engineering Sesimology,Applied Mechanics,Computer Aided Engineering Personal website
Wijerathne Maddegedara Lalith Lakshman Associate Professor Earthquake Engineering Personal website
NAGAO Hiromichi Associate Professor Data Assimilation Personal website
FUJITA Kohei Assistant Professor
ITO Shinichi Project Researcher
AKIBA Hiroshi Project Researcher
TAKAYA Shuhei Project Researcher
Motamed Ramin Project Researcher

Coordination Center for Prediction Research of Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions

YOSHIDA Shingo Professor/Head of Center Solid Earth and Planetary Physics Personal website
KATO Naoyuki Professor/Vice Director Seismology
KAMAYA Noriko Associate Professor
IIDAKA Takashi Associate Professor Seismology Personal website
AOKI Yosuke Assistant Professor Solid Earth Geophysics Personal website
IGARASHI Toshihiro Assistant Professor Solid Earth and Planetary Physics
WANG Xiaowen Project Researcher

Center for Geophysical Observation and Instrumentation

IWASAKI Takaya Professor/Head of Center Controlled Source Seismology
OBARA Kazushige Professor/Director Observation Seismology Personal website
SHINOHARA Masanao Professor/Vice Director Marine Seismic Observation Personal website
MORITA Yuichi Professor Volcano-seismology
ARAYA Akito Professor Solid Earth Science
SAKAI Shinichi Associate Professor Solid Earth Science Personal website
AKUHARA Takeshi Assistant Professor  Personal website
OGAWA Tsutomu Assistant Professor Solid Earth and Planetary Physics
TAKEO Akiko Assistant Professor
KUMAZAWA Takao Project Assistant Professor
TANAKA Yusaku Project Researcher

Earthquake and Volcano Information Center

SATAKE Kenji Professor/Head of Center Solid Earth and Planetary Physics
KINOSHITA Masataka Professor  Personal website
TSURUOKA Hiroshi Associate Professor Solid Earth and Planetary Physics
YAMADA Masaki Project Researcher  Personal website
GOTO Tomoko Project Researcher
YE Lingling Project Researcher

Laboratory for Technical SUPPORT

UCHIDA Masayuki Senior Technical Specialist
URANO Sachiko Technical Specialist
TAKEUCHI Akihiro Technical Specialist
HOKANISHI Natsumi Technical Specialist
UEHARA Miki Technical Staff

Technical Supporting Section for Observational Research

ABE Hideji Technical Staff
ANDO Miwako Technical Staff
IKEZAWA Satoshi Technical Staff
OTSUKA Hironori Technical Staff
SAIKI Ayaka Technical Staff
SERIZAWA Masato Technical Specialist
TANAKA Shinichi Technical Specialist
TSUJI Hiroshi Senior Technical Specialist
NISHIMOTO Taro Technical Staff
FUJITA Chikaaki Technical Specialist
MASUDA Masataka Technical Specialist
MIYAKAWA Koji Technical Specialist
YAGI Takeo Technical Specialist
WATANABE Atsushi Technical Specialist